Planning your trip

With white sand beaches, turquoise waters, magnificent islands, and a diverse marine life, the Maldives is an altogether awe-inspiring tourist destination. It is ideal for tourists of all types, including solitary travelers, honeymooners, and families, who want to spend a relaxing vacation amidst the enormous Indian Ocean.

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Beach holiday

A typical beach holiday consists of beach activities and...well, beach activities. When you are in the Maldives, you can never call anything typical.

Before you experience the extravagance of the holiday, you should have the plan to maximize it. When booking hotels and flights, mostly done online, consider the weather and your transportation preferences. Whether on a budget or ready to splurge, you can have it both ways.

You also need to follow the basic unwritten rules of ...

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Art and culture

While the Maldives boasts of its exquisite aquatic ambiance, there is still more than meets the eye. Just like other countries that flourished and developed over time, the Maldives also has a handful of historical and cultural stories that made it what it is today. Cultural heritage and the arts are two profound symbols that add to the mystery and extravagance of what the Maldives is now.

All-year-round festivals, and sacred and historical site visits in several parts of the country p...

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You can exhaust yourself all day and night and never be out of things to do, but if you don't have food, all pent-up energy will not be replenished. Let's face it, food exploration will always be part of anyone's vacation itinerary as food speaks a lot about the place and its heritage and culture.
Thankfully, Maldivian resorts go big with the most flavourful gastronomic preparations one can enjoy. To do this, fresh in-season ingredients are sourced locally and from different parts of the wo...

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You landed in paradise so it's just natural to travel in style, be it by land, air, and of course - water! The Maldives does things differently in every single way and travelling within the country is no exception.

Traditional modes of transport like city cabs and buses will always be the choice of those who really cannot be in anything that flies. Catch buses on a regular half-hour service from the Airport to Hulhumale for only $0.20 per trip. City cabs, on the other hand, can eithe...

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While it's hard to be on a holiday without any itinerary of activities to do, it will be even harder if you have not decided on what type of accommodation to get while in the Maldives. And boy - deciding where to stay may give you a headache due to almost all types are worth an experience in a lifetime!

Like other tourist destinations, the Maldives offer the most common accommodation types plus one which might only be experienced in the country. Uninhabited islands boast of their hote...