You landed in paradise so it's just natural to travel in style, be it by land, air, and of course - water! The Maldives does things differently in every single way and travelling within the country is no exception.

Traditional modes of transport like city cabs and buses will always be the choice of those who really cannot be in anything that flies. Catch buses on a regular half-hour service from the Airport to Hulhumale for only $0.20 per trip. City cabs, on the other hand, can either be booked from the hotel or hailed on the road whether you are in Malé, Hulhumale, Fuvahmulah, and Addu. If you are into carpooling, then sharing your cab with strangers will not only save you fare but may likely start new friendships.

Flying will be first on the list of those who want to travel fast and efficiently. That's where the ever-dependable air taxi (more commonly known as seaplane) will come in. Air taxis see to it that you will reach every corner of the Maldives. Since they land "runway-free", they operate between inhabited islands and resorts. Some resorts offer them as part of excursions to uninhabited islands. The view while flying will always be the bonus of the experience. Air taxi tickets cost upwards of $300 and with a luggage weight restriction of 20kgs on most flights. There are also local domestic airports all across the Maldives - 12 out of 16 catering explicitly to domestic flights. Ticket booking can be done thru the internet or the hotel. To use the local airport services, go to the islands of Dharavandhoo, Fuvahmulah, Gadhdhoo, Ifuru, Kaadedhdhoo, Kadhdhoo, Kooddoo, Kudahuvadhoo, Maamigili, Thimarafushi, Kulhudhuffushi, Funadhoo.

Of course, water vehicles will have their fair share in modes of transport. Speedboats and ferries are a mainstay so that tourists can enjoy the water to the fullest. If you want speed, then cash out $75 or more to jump into a speedboat. As cost is included in most packages, resorts use speedboats to pick up guests from the airport. For the thrifty, let's go back to sharing. Though, they may need to wait until the boat is full before it sails. And then we have ferries. The Maldives ferry network covers all inhabited islands. For those on a budget but still wants a relaxing and chill travelling experience, then hop on one. Just set your expectations that the ferry will only travel to inhabited islands, which may not be where your resort is.

Who says travelling can be fuzzy? Not in the Maldives, it's not!