Although the Maldives is the ideal island holiday, occasionally, duty beckons and forces you to visit our tropical paradise for work. However, your trip to the Maldives for a business need not be all business. The tropical island paradise, one of the most popular travel destinations for vacationers worldwide, is full of exciting activities that tempt you to put aside your worries for at least one day and enjoy the island bliss.

Plan, plan, plan. Where your business events will happen is the foundation to create a plan within and outside business activities schedules. Transportation mode and the travel duration to and from where you stay may make or break your business. This is also how you know how much time you are still left to enjoy the after-work hours in any part of the country.

Since you're in the Maldives for business, it's worth noting the Maldivian business culture. If you are dealing with Maldivians to join hands with you in business, you may want to understand that their work week runs from Sunday to Thursday, and Friday and Saturday are considered weekends. If you are doing business remotely, then the days will definitely not affect you. However, you may want to check the establishment you will be staying to do work to ensure they have a good internet connection.

You may also want to brush up a bit on Maldivian culture which highly impacts their local business etiquette. The most common element of the local etiquette that you’ll be faced with is greetings. The simple handshake works fine on all business and casual occasions; however, men should be a tad bit considerate when going for a handshake with Maldivian women as they may choose not to shake hands with men. After all, all these etiquettes are still related to the Muslim religion which is a foundation of Maldivian culture.

Business does not need to mean all-day meetings and activities. There will always be room for after-hours engagement and relaxation. Ensure to squeeze a day or 2 in your itinerary for a whole resort day or a couple of hours snorkelling, scuba diving or island hopping. If you are a remore worker, then just make sure you keep all your technology with you and look for a good spot to enjoy both work and the environment. Work-life balance at its best!